BEEHIVE stands for Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems to Enhance Higher Education Value-Added for Better Graduate Employability. BEEHIVE involves 11 partner institutions located in five European countries as well as in Indonesia and the Philippines. The project partners have gathered to share knowledge and expertise in the field of entrepreneurship. This Erasmus+ CBHE project aims to inspire commitment and enthusiasm in students and graduates of partner universities in Indonesia and the Philippines that are willing to take their career and life in their own hands and to create start-ups and innovation. The project introduces the novel holistic approach of entrepreneurial ecosystems that sees entrepreneurship not merely as individual efforts but as a process of networking and creating synergies between different stakeholders. BEEHIVE is designed to accelerate the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of students and graduates involved.

If you are interested, motivated, searching and curious, stay tuned and follow us every step along the BEEHIVE learning journey!