Full name in the national language Universitas Indonesia
Acronym UI
URL http://www.ui.ac.id/
Project institutional coordinator Dr. Nining Sri Astuti, M.A.
E-mail beehiveui@gmail.com, niningisoesilo@gmail.com, beehive@ui.ac.id , nsafitri@ui.ac.id
Telephone +622178880139 / +62811179997
  Universitas Indonesia is a comprehensive state university, located in two campuses; Jakarta and Depok. The university is a home for more than 46,000 students studying in undergraduate, master and doctorate degrees. Universitas Indonesia offers 58 undegraduate programs, 68 master programmes, and 37 doctorate programmes.  The university consists of 14 faculties, 2 graduate schools and 1 vocational programme that offers a wide range of vocational studies. Being one of the oldest university in Indonesia, Universitas Indonesia has a long standing experience in academic, research and community engagement through out the years of its establishment. Excellence research, publications, patents and innovations are enhanced through 65 research centers. The university puts resources in developing students creativity, talents and entrepeneurial skills, resulting in more than 30 tenants of business incubations at the university level. Universitas Indonesia’s internationalisation strategy started with mutual collaboration with universities worldwide. Currently the university maintains 244 partnerships covering various models of cooperation, such as joint-degree, student exchange, short course programme, internships,  joint-research, joint-publication, joint-supervision and capacity building among other activities. Universitas Indonesia is also an active member of 15 international higher education consortiums and associations, which contributes to a stronger network for international mobility.
Dr. Nining Sri Astuti, M.A.  

Dr. Nining Sri Astuti, M.A. finished a bachelor degree in Architecture from Bandung Institute of Technology and continued to obtain a master degree in Geography from University of Iowa. After completing her master degree programme, she gained a doctorate degree in Economic from Universitas Indonesia. She has conducted researches related to economy, women empowerment, and entrepeneurship. She is currently  working as a lecturer at Faculty of Economy and Business Universitas Indonesia. Besides teaching, she  has been managing Small Micro Enterprise Center Faculty of Economic and Business UI  as founder and advisory board since 2005. In addition, she has involved in many community service related to entrepreneurship, women empowerment, public policy, and urban planning which organized by some Indonesian ministries, provincial government,  and entrepreneurship foundations. As the result of her active involvement and contribution to entrepreneurship, she had been awarded “Satya Lencana Wirakarya” presidential medal (appreciation for Her Services in giving great devotion to the Nation and the Republic of Indonesia so that she can be an example for others). Currently, she is participating in Beehive Erasmus in University Consortium of European Union, Philippines and Indonesia as National Coordinator.

Nurul Safitri, S.Sos., M.A.  

Nurul Safitri, S.Sos, M.A finished a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Universitas Indonesia (UI) – Faculty of Social and Political Science in 2006. When she was in her last semester, she has been a lecturer assistant. After graduating bachelor degree, besides teaching she also worked as a researcher assistant in Japanese Area Studies University of Indonesia for 2 years. She holds Master of Administration from Universitas Indonesia in 2010 and from that year, she officially becomes an academic staff of Universitas Indonesia. She had received a number of research grants related to entrepreneurship and small medium enterprises studies, and she also involved in some research which related to public policy, human resource management, leadership, organization and society as a member of researcher. Besides teaching and researching, Nurul also served the National Public Procurement Agency, Republic of Indonesia as a consultant for monitoring, evaluating and survey in Procurement Certifications Programme and for data processing using software SPSS. Now, she was recently appointed as deputy of business Incubator Universitas Indonesia since 2015 and still doing her activity as a lecturer (teaching and researching).

Suyanti Adi Pawiro, S.Pd  

Suyanti Adi Pawiro obtained a bachelor degree in education from Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta, Indonesia in 2004. She has been working in higher education for about ten years with a lot of portfolios. Her first employment in higher education started as an academic operation officer at Binus University from 2006 to 2009. In 2009, she left her position as the Coordinator for Binus International Academic Operation to join Universitas Indonesia International Offce. In her early years of joining UI International Office team, her portfolios included increasing the number international students studying at the university through various programmes. Throughout her employment, she has been working on various projects on marketing and promotions programmes. Her additional portfolios include organizing international mobility events/programmes for students and academics such as short programmes with partner universities and workshops for scholars. In the last one year, she has been handling special projects for developments involving Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education as well as proojects with international partners in Europe under Erasmus+, Australian partners and Asian partners.

Runi Dewi Andary, A.Md.  

Runi Dewi Andary, A.Md. graduated with Diploma in Finance and Banking Management Affairs from University of Development, “Veteran” Jakarta in 1999. She worked in foreign company for 1 year Contract in 2002, then in 2004 she worked for Executive Search, Professional Recruitment and Human Resources Consulting Services. In the middle of 2008 she worked as Secretary to the Director of Partnership and Business Incubator and as an Administrative staff under the Research, Development and Industrial Cooperation, University Administration Center of Indonesia, and in early 2010 she began assisting several projects for entrepreneurship and cooperation programmes under the Business Incubator Sub-Directorate. Since 2015, she has been working as a Financial Administration staff in a work unit under Research and Innovation.

Ananda Adhetya Ayuningtyas, S.Hum  

Ananda Adhetya Ayuningtyas, S.Hum finished her undergraduate programme in English Studies from Universitas Indonesia in 2017. During her undergraduate programme, she participated in student exchange programme to Thammasat University in Thailand through AIMS ( ASEAN International Mobility for Students ) for 1 semester. Currently, she is working as staff in Directorate of Innovation and Business Incubator.