The BEEHIVE project chief goal is to build sustainable university-based entrepreneurial ecosystems at higher education institutions in Indonesia and the Philippines. The project is geared to enhance their students’ and graduates’ employability and ability to create jobs. Furthermore, the project strives to support the involved universities’ transformation into entrepreneurial universities.

The BEEHIVE project has five specific objectives, namely:

  1. To map out and benchmark the status of the Partner Countries universities towards an alignment with the entrepreneurial university concept.
  2. To create and disseminate knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship across the campuses of the partner universities in Indonesia and the Philippines and to build students’ entrepreneurial skills; to build consciousness of students start-ups’ game changing role in both job creation and students’ personal development.
  3. To build sustainable entrepreneurial university ecosystems by establishing and embedding start-up accelerator cohort-programmes at the partner universities in Indonesia and the Philippines.
  4. To improve the partner universities’ student and graduate employability and to create self-employment opportunities through streamlined business start-up support in the framework of designated seed accelerators.
  5. To empower the universities in Indonesia and the Philippines to transform gradually into entrepreneurial universities by obtaining a specific quality label certifying the excellence and efficiency of their entrepreneurial ecosystems.