Full name in the national language Mapúa University
Acronym MAPÚA
Website http://www.mapua.edu.ph
Project institutional coordinator Dr Delia B. Senoro
E-mail dbsenoro@mapua.edu.ph
Telephone (+63) 9178223786


The biggest engineering, and the first in East Asia to acquire international accreditation in 10 engineering programs. A pioneering higher educational institution in the Philippines that directs its students to innovate and venture into technopreneurship. Mapúa is a non-sectarian, private stock academic institution with approximately 1110 teaching and non-teaching personnel. It was established in 1925 by Don Tomas Mapúa and fully acquired by the YGC group. YGC is a business conglomerate in the Philippines with vision of global excellence. It leads to the creation of the Office of International Linkages for Research and Development. Among its internationalization strategies are creation of regional research network, development of online courses, mobility of students and personnel (teaching and non-teaching), visiting professor program, sandwich programs, student exchanges, joint and collaborative research programs, among others. It has various engineering and business programs. It integrates ‘entrepreneurship course’ in both graduate and undergraduate programs. Mapúa has an ETY School of Business and Management with baccalaureate program in entrepreneurship. Mapúa has several programs declared by the Philippine Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as center of excellence and center of development. It has an “autonomous status” awarded by the CHED. The award has been based on long tradition of integrity and untarnished reputation, commitment to excellence and sustainability and viability operations.

Mapúa commits: to provide a learning environment to students and personnel to acquire the attributes that will make them globally competitive; engage in publishable and/or economically viable research, development, and innovation; and, provide state-of-the-art solutions to problems of industries and communities.


Dr. Delia B. Senoro: she is also a Program Coordinator of the Technopreneurship Project (T101) of Mapúa with fund from Philippine CHED. She has a PhD degree in environmental engineering and a civil engineer. The PhD degree was acquired from the University of the Philippines Diliman under a sandwich program with Chia Nan University in Taiwan. She has post doctoral / advanced trainings from the following: (1) Environmental Factors and Health from Institute of Environmental Medicine of Karolinska Institute, Sweden; (2) Strategies on Chemicals Management from International Unit, Swedish Chemicals Agency, Sweden; (3) Education for Sustainable Development from Stockholm Resilience Center- Stockholm University-Stockholm, Sweden, Chalmers University of Technology-Gothenburg, Sweden, and Tongji University – Shanghai, China. Currently, the Head of the Office of the International Linkages for Research and Development (ILRAD), the Chairman of the Environmental Engineering Graduate Program (MS and PhD), and a Professor of the School of Civil, Environmental and Geological Engineering. She has various publications relevant to civil and environmental engineering applied to societies and communities. She has organized/co-organized various international conferences and workshops with funds from international and national agencies.


Marthinson M. Villanueva: a holder of Master in Business Administration with background in psychology. A PhD Candidate for Executive Doctorate in Business Leadership. He has also a baccalaureate degree in business administration major in operations management. He has significant industry experiences in sales, marketing, product development and a business owner. Concurrent to these experiences is the passion to teach. Hence, currently the coordinator and faculty member of two programs; i.e., Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.



Josephine D. German: a holder in Masters in Engineering with background in industrial engineering. An officer – in – charge and a faculty member of the School of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management. She has significant industry experiences.


Mary Christine A. Tomas: a holder of Master in Engineering Program with background in electronics communication engineering. A faculty of the School of Information Technology. Currently the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, experienced in developing online courses (MOOCs with educational background in electronics and communication engineering. She is being supported by the Department of Information Technology (DOIT) on IT related works for BEEHIVE project.


Rozenie B. Tubeo, has a baccalaureate degree in physical education. Currently, the technical assistant of the Office of ILRAD doing administrative works.