Mapua University, Manila, Philippines

11 September 2019

The International Pitch Event was the culminating activity of the BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme and signaled its official end. The event was attended by 35 project staff members and 69 students from the 51 student start-ups supported through the piloting BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme across the 5 partner universities in Indonesia and the Phillipines. The 53 start-ups had their own stands at the BEEHIVE start-ups exhibition arranged at the International Pitch Event’s venue. The project final event offered a unique opportunity to the best 10 investor-ready student start-ups presented below to tell their stories and to pitch their business ideas infront of 42 external stakeholders such as business investors, business partners, business angels and business accelerators outside the project present at the event. In total, the BEEHIVE International Pitch Event was attended by 146 participants and guests and was also live streamed online to ensure an even larger coverage among project external stakeholders. The 10 investor-ready start-up teams invited to the stage on 11 September to present their pitch deck were chosen the previous day among the 53 student start-up teams attending the final BEEHIVE meeting.

The business ideas and pitching skills of the 10 start-up teams presenting at the project culminating event on 11 September 2019 were assessed and evaluated by a panel of judges consisting of Ms Diane Eustaquio from Idea Space and Ms Mary Ryan from WestBIC in Ireland from the BEEHIVE project as well as of Ms Thelma Gecolea from the EU Delegation to the Philippines and Ms Goldy Yancha from PhilDev. The 3 student start-ups deemed by the judges’ panel as the best performing and most innovative, creative and sustainable ones were and FKtanpabatas from Indonesia and CEBlock from the Philippines.

BEEHIVE International Pitch Event: video

BEEHIVE International Pitch Event Agenda

The BEEHIVE Project in a Nutshell

Pitching Guidelines

Pitch Deck Presentations

Beauty Squa Clay Mask: pitch deck presentation

Dilat: pitch deck presentation

Booka: pitch deck presentation

Sugo: pitch deck presentation


CEBlock presentation


Mangjuam: pitch deck presentation


FKtanpabatas: pitch deck presentation

Nadia Sigit Creative: pitch deck presentation pitch deck presentation

E-Bee: pitch deck presentation

Student Start-ups Exhibition Banners

University of Indonesia, Indonesia bannerFKtanpabatas bannerJagad bannerKlemm.ID bannerLibro bannerOshare bannerProtoss bannerSakubi Tax bannerStoria Karacitra banner

BINUS University, Indonesia

Bakso Sang Juara bannerBooka banner, Emity bannerGeobak bannerGranine bannerJennifer Wallet bannerKerjabos bannerNadia Sigit Creative bannerOi-Dakk Indonesia bannerPrint Me App banner

Mapua University, Philippines

A1 Beast Powerbank bannerAquaLite bannerAt Your Service Mobile App bannerAutomated Smart Clotheline bannerBeauty Squa Clay Mask bannerDilat banner, File Pal bannerModerno Inc. bannerStork Medical App bannerZpritZ  Hair & Blouse Odor Buster banner

Saint Louis University, Philippines

Atlergo Systems bannerBambottle bannerCEBlock bannerCordillera Logistics bannerE-Bee bannerK-foods bannerMoma Chew bannerSeisjoints bannerQantina bannerQrent bannerWaterMesh banner

University of Cebu, Philippines

Abang++bannerE-Sinsilyo bannerFluorescent Booster bannerGeosite bannerGolden Drop bannerMangjuam banner, Marane Goodness Cup bannerPowlet bannerR’s-Earn bannerSugo banner