The BEEHIVE app (created for both Android and iOS mobile operating systems) is designed to reach out to millennials who are students and graduates of the five partner universities in Indonesia and the Philippines involved in the project. The app offers opportunities for networking with peers, e.g. other millennials interested in an entrepreneurial career path and in developing and testing their business ideas. The app also offers opportunities for interaction and learning from mentors. It contains various sections with news and events, entrepreneurial tips and hands-on advices at students’ fingertips, and links to useful entrepreneurship resources. Finally, the BEEHIVE app includes a functionality that allows registered students to generate, share and test with peers and mentors their Business Model Canvases. For more information on how to download and use the BEEHIVE App, please read the instructions provided below and refer to the BEEHIVE App presentation and video.

BEEHIVE App download 

In order to download the BEEHIVE app, users of both Android and iOS operating systems should download the app from Google Play Store or respectively App Store by searching for an app entitled “BEEHIVE” (in Google Play Store), Version 1.15 and “BEEHIVE Erasmus+” (App Store), Version 1.2.9. The user may read additional information about the BEEHIVE app by sliding the three screens that will appear following the app installation. The BEEHIVE app download and use is free of charge.

BEEHIVE App registration 

The user can proceed with the registration by clicking on the “Registration” button in the bottom of the page and by entering his/her credentials (username, email address and password). The upload of a profile picture is optional. After that, the user can select between two types of profiles, namely a student profile or a mentor’s profile by dragging the relevant icon into the circle in the middle of the screen and tapping the “Confirm” button. Following this, the potential user should fill in the relevant information requested in all subsequent buttons (role, organization, education, experience, interest) and proceed with the “Arrow” button. By completing the above-described steps, the user will have access to the “Inbox” section where he/she may contact peers and/or participate in group discussions with other BEEHIVE app users. Furthermore, the user will be able to access the sections “News and Events”, “Entrepreneurial Tips” and “Entrepreneurship Resources” containing useful information on business start-up development and operation in Indonesia and the Philippines. The user has also the opportunity to consult with mentors re his/her business ideas and to fill in and share the Business Model Canvas sections, which might be also shared with other users.