The project introduces the novel holistic approach of entrepreneurial ecosystems that sees entrepreneurship not merely as individual efforts but as a process of networking and creating synergies between different academic and non-academic stakeholders. Thus, through BEEHIVE the partner universities in Indonesia and the Philippines will engage with a broad range of external stakeholders including business partners, investors, venture capitalists, social entrepreneurs and policymakers.

BEEHIVE main activities and key outputs include:

  1. Elaboration and publication of two different Towards the Entrepreneurial University National Benchmarking Reports, one for Indonesia and one for the Philippines (Task Force Action Plan 1.).
  2. Design and delivery of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) entitled Entrepreneurship for All to disseminate up-to-date training and knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship across the campuses of the partner universities in Indonesia and the Philippines and to build students’ entrepreneurial skills. At least 1000 students and graduates will benefit from the MOOC delivered in English in the project (Task Force Action Plan 2.).
  3. BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme induced at the partner universities in Indonesia and the Philippines to improve their student and graduate employability and to create entrepreneurship-based self-employment opportunities through streamlined business start-up support in the framework of designated seed accelerators. At least 10 business start-ups will be created through the BEEHIVE programme (Task Force Action Plan 3.).
  4. BEEHIVE Label designed to provide certification of universities in Indonesia and the Philippines in regard with their entrepreneurial ecosystems’ excellence. The BEEHIVE Label shall further enhance the partner universities’ gradual evolvement into entrepreneurial universities. At least 3 universities in Indonesia and the Philippines will be certified and awarded a BEEHIVE Label over the course of the project (Task Force Action Plan 4.).