WestBIC Innovation and Management Center, Galway, Ireland

2-5 October 2018

The 5th BEEHIVE meeting was combined with а workshop on project quality assurance and control that was facilitated by Dr Savena Borisova, the project external evaluator. The workshop aimed to not only improve partners’ knowledge on project quality matters but to also optimize the mechanisms for quality control and quality assurance applied in BEEHIVE. The workshop was also focused on the use of learning outcomes for the purposes of quality control in the process of entrepreneurship education. On Day 2, the BEEHIVE partners visited the National University of Ireland, Galway to get acquainted with the University’s Accelerator Programme. They also visited the incubators BOI Startlab and Portershed Galway. Finally, in the course of the 4-day meeting, the partners discussed the project progress achieved during Year 2, planned upcoming activities related to the BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme’s introduction at the 5 partner universities in Indonesia and the Philippines, and kick-started project work in WP6 BEEHIVE Label.

5th Partner Meeting Agenda

BEEHIVE Recent Developments Overview: VUM

Quality Control vs Quality Assurance: Savena Borisova

Educating the next Generation of Entrepreneurs: Savena Borisova

Use of LOs for Quality Control in Entrepreneurship Education: Savena Borisova

Project Management Panel: VUM

MOOC Statistics: RU, MOOC Outcomes: RU

BEEHIVE Accelerator: Mapua

BEEHIVE Label Introduction: VUM, BEEHIVE Label: USGM


Dissemination and Promotion: UI, Dissemination and Promotion: BINUS, Dissemination and Promotion: Mapua

Dissemination and Exploitation: UC, Dissemination and Promotion: SLU

Research and Innovation: NUIG, TechInnovate: NUIG, STARTED Project

BINUS to Host the 6th Meeting_BINUS

Year 2 Progress Report