The Towards the Entrepreneurial University National Benchmarking Report for Indonesia was recently publish by the BEEHIVE consortium. The Report aims to map out and benchmark the status of universities in Indonesia towards an alignment with the entrepreneurial university concept. The process of data collection, analysis and Report drafting took place in the period of April – November 2017. From the answers and information provided by the 22 surveyed universities in Indonesia, one can safely conclude that entrepreneurship seems to be of high importance to almost all of them (90%) and it is even formally incorporated (in one way or another) into the universities’ vision/mission statements. More than half of the universities consider themselves a driving force for entrepreneurship and innovation in regional, social and community development. The majority of the universities invest in staff to promote their entrepreneurial agenda. As far as entrepreneurship education is concerned, all surveyed universities provide entrepreneurship courses and the majority have an entrepreneurship structure/unit in place. The conclusions and lessons learnt from the current Report will serves as a starting point for the consortium to lays out the foundation for work in the subsequent project phases in Indonesia.

We hope you will find the National Benchmarking Report for Indonesia relevant and interesting and would like to invite you to share with us your opinion and thoughts about this important project deliverable here.