The Towards the Entrepreneurial University National Benchmarking Report for the Philippines is out there to spread the word about the entrepreneurial university concept in the Philippines and to help universities benchmark their entrepreneurial ecosystems. The concept of entrepreneurial ecosystem encompasses a holistic approach that sees entrepreneurship not merely as individual efforts but as a process of networking and creating synergies between different stakeholders. Based on the recently published Report, it became evident that higher education institutions (HEIs)  in the Philippines consider themselves as a driving force in regional and community development. There are prominent signs recognizing the importance of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking as a way to drive innovation in the respective institutions as well as to open up new opportunities for its students.

The National Benchmarking Report for the Philippines clearly illustrates that Philippine HEIs are at the point of emergence in the track towards an entrepreneurial ecosystem. The building up of soft and hard infrastructure, including the university-based Innovation and Technology Support Offices and Centers related to entrepreneurship by the HEIs, to support the needs of their students, teaching and non-teaching personnel, and alumni, are indicators leading to achieving the goals of a university entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is worth noting that after this study was conducted a number of the 27 universities that had participated in the data collection have made initiatives such as building an innovation center or an incubator.

We hope you will find the National Benchmarking Report for the Philippines relevant and interesting and would like to invite you to share with us your opinion and thoughts about this important project deliverable here.