UI BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme 2019

Selected Student Start-up Ideas and Business Endeavors

Disponsorin.com summary

Disponsorin.com presentation

DukungCalonmu.com summary

DukungCalonmu.com presentation

FKtanpabatas summary

FKtanpabatas presentation

Gotongroyong.com summary

Gotongroyong.com presentation

Jagad summary

Jagad presentation

Klemm.ID summary

Klemm.ID presentation


Libro summary

Libro presentation

Oshare summary

Oshare presentation

Protoss summary

Protoss presentation

Sakubi Tax summary

Sakubi Tax presentation

Storia Karacitra summary

Storia Karacitra presentation

Talis summary

Talis presentation

Institutional Demo Day at UI, 12th July 2019


BEEHIVE Mentoring and Coaching Activities at UI

Pitching Workshop, 9th July 2019: Pitch Your Start-Up presentation

Mini Business Pitching, 21st March 2019

One-on-one Mentoring, 25th January 2019

BMC Coaching, 23rd November 2018Agenda, BMC Coaching presentation

BEEHIVE Networking Events at UI

Technical Assistance Event to Prepare Start-Up Grant Proposals, 26th – 27th February 2019: Agenda, Video presentation

UI Internal Grants and Final Matching, 12th February 2019: Agenda, BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme presentation

BEEHIVE Accelerator on UI Organizational Chart

BEEHIVE Accelerator BMC 2020 – 2024 at UI

BEEHIVE Accelerator Roadmap 2019 at UI