UC BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme 2019

Selected Student Start-up Ideas and Business Endeavors 

Abang++ summary 


E-Sinsilyo summary

E-Sinsilyo presentation

Fluorescent Booster summary

Fluorescent Booster presentation

Geosite summary

Geosite presentation

Golden Drop summary

Golden Drop presentation

Mangjuam summary

Mangjuam presentation

Marane Goodness Cup summary

Marane Goodness Cup presentation

Powlet summary

Powlet presentation

R’s Earn summary

R’s Earn presentation

Sugo summary

Sugo presentation

Institutional Demo Day at UC, 25th July 2019

Summary and Agenda, Report, Video

BEEHIVE Mentoring and Coaching Activities at UC

Pitching Workshop, 14th-15th June 2019: Agenda and ObjectivesPitching Workshop presentation Dr. Sheryl Satorre-Estella, AirBed & Breakfast presentation

Start-up Funding 101, 13th June 2019: Agenda and ObjectivesFundraising presentation

Start-up Roadmapping, 10th – 11th June 2019: Agenda and Objectives, Start-up Roadmapping presentation

Brand Spirit, 23rd May 2019: Agenda and ObjectivesBrand Spirit abstract

Innovation KickBoxing, 16th May 2019: Agenda and ObjectivesInnovation KickBoxing presentation by BOSINA STUDIOS, Fundamentals of Innovation presentation by Bosina Studios 

Digital Marketing Bootcamp, 24th April 2019: Agenda and ObjectivesFundamentals of Digital Marketing presentation by Kareen Satorre of Bosina Studios

Start-up Canvas Workshop, 23rd April 2019: Agenda and ObjectivesUsing the Validation Board to Test your Startup Idea presentation by Dr. Sheryl Satorre-Estella, A Guide to Getting Noticed Value Proposition presentation by Dr. Sheryl Satorre-Estella, The Value Proposition Canvas Explained video by Strategyzer, Business Model presentation by Dr. Sheryl Satorre-Estella, Start-up Canvas Tools 101 presentation by Dr. Sheryl Satorre-Estella, Building the Lean Stack Canvas presentation by Dr. Sheryl Satorre-Estella

 Team Building and Personality Development, 28th – 29th March 2019: Agenda and Objectives

Design Sprint, 26th – 27th March 2019: Agenda and ObjectivesConsultation for Solution Sketch

Start-ups Onboarding, 18th March 2019Future Entrepreneurs Welcome presentation by Dr. Sheryl Satorre-Estella, BEEHIVE Project Presentation, UC BEEHIVE Accelerator presentation by Dr. Sheryl Satorre-Estella

BEEHIVE Networking Events at UC

The 2019 Cohort – Batch Genesis, 20th March 2019

Call for Applications, 18th December 2018 – 29th February 2019: BEEHIVE Start-up Accelerator Programme Mechanics presentation, UC BEEHIVE Accelerator presentation

Date & Dash, 7th December 2018: PresentationConversation Starters During the Speed Dating

BEEHIVE Accelerator on UC Organizational Chart

BEEHIVE Accelerator BMC 2020 – 2024 at UC

BEEHIVE Accelerator Roadmap 2019 at UC