The Towards the Entrepreneurial University National Benchmarking Report for the Philippines is prepared in the framework of Work Package 2 of the BEEHIVE project. This national assessment activity which aims to benchmark the current situation of the Philippine higher education institutions (HEIs) with regards to entrepreneurial ecosystems was carried out between March 2017 – October 2017. The applied Benchmarking Tool and framework on how the assessment and evaluation was executed are built upon on the HEInnovate concept of the EU-OECD LEED programme. This framework has four thematic approaches and seven dimensions. The results show that majority of the Philippine HEIs consider the inclusion of entrepreneurship into their institutional strategy as moderately relevant. Coupled with the desire to develop university entrepreneurial ecosystem is the establishment of internationalization in the university. In order to be entrepreneurial, a university must embed entrepreneurship in every part of the organization, from its leadership through to its teaching and student impact.

Report’s highlights could be read here.

Report’s infographic could be downloaded here.