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All the elements of the business model canvas need to work together and the canvas is only as strong as it’s weakest element. In this story, we learn how a startup had to rethink it’s customer segment.

Hi, my name is Alfatih Timur, but people used to call me Timmy. I’m the co-founder and CEO of KitaBisa.com.
We are a crowdfunding platform, we collect funds, Indonesians for social causes
So, I was graduated in 2011, from economic faculty, University of Indonesia. And then I’m joining my professor Rhenald Kasali and from him, I learned about social enterprise. And during my work with him, I also do a lot of online research, and I found this keyword on the internet called crowdfunding.
It’s a concept that you can collect funds together to support ideas. But what crossed my mind is what if not only ideas, what if we can also collect people resources together to support other people.
So that’s when KitaBisa came in.
We think that this kind of concept can be applied for helping people as well. That’s what KitaBisa.com, it’s a crowdfunding for social, for helping people, for personal causes.
The first two year is terrible because of no growth at all, no people visiting, no people donating, so it really likes very quiet website with no traffic at all because we don’t know how to marketing it, and also people don’t see any value from the website.
And then we move our segment, we switch our segment, we target another group of people and then they like it, and they feel more valuable in us. That segment is currently is in medical campaign.
So we got EY Entrepreneurship of the year and then Forbes 30 under 30 and then the ministry of informatics in Indonesia also give us awards. But I think the biggest achievement that we feel is for me personally is when we meet our costumers. And there is one story that I get hugged by my users because he said that because of KitaBisa, his son now can live, can pay the medical bills that sometimes they don’t covered by the insurance so they need help from friends, families or even strangers.
So that where KitaBisa came, we gave them an engine so they can reach out more efficient and more viral to the community to help them. And we had facilitated around IDR 200 Billion, which is around USD 18 Million from 500000 users or we called them #OrangBaik, kind people.
So that’s our biggest achievement, we collect this amount of money to help another people and this is really a sign that Indonesia has a lot of kind people, and they are willing to “Gotong Royong”, to do things together for kindness.
So everything can be possible if we do things and KitaBisa.com is the tool for that.

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