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This is a great story about a new tech startup that addresses a real customer need, brings together different factors, and creates meaning around positive action.

My name is Andreas. I come from iGrow. I graduated from Computer Science Faculty, Universitas Indonesia.
iGrow is a platform that helps farmers to make scalable farming activities by connecting them with capital owners.
I owned a digital company, so from that experience we started a lot of experiments; a lot of mobile application developments, a lot of digital products that we initiated. Until in 2014, we found iGrow, a platform that helps farmers to get funding for the urban people directly. And then, after they can create their own farming, we supervise all of the activities. And after the half-first-time, we have them to sell the crops directly to the buyers.
One of the objectives in my life [is that] I want to give a lot of value and benefits to others. So I have a dream that I can create millions of goodness in one day. That’s why I really want to create a lot of products that can create and inspire people to do good deeds.
We created a product in agriculture because we consider that agriculture as one of the biggest opportunities and potentials in Indonesia. God already gave us a lot of blessings in terms of lands, farmers. We want to tap in agriculture area. In this three year experience since build iGrow we already feel the experience that the farmers lying to us and a lot bad conditions also happened with the iGrow, but it makes us stronger. It makes us learn a lot in the agricultural aspects. So we are confident to move forward to create a lot of opportunities to the farmers.
We also got the first place in the Startup Arena Competition. A startup competition in the Southeast Asia region. We were trying to compete in the global region. In Startup Istanbul, we got the second place. And we also set in one of the best incubators in the world named 500 Startups Accelerator Program in Sillicon Valley.
I hope that Indonesian people in Indonesia itself can make the country that can motivate, inspire the young generation to create a lot of good deeds, a lot of projects, a lot of creations, innovations then can make our ecosystem, our people, and our nation better.
We have a lot of potential in Indonesia: natural resources, human resources. So we have to utilize and we have to maximize the usage of that resources so we can reach the optimal result. And we can make this country a better country in the next days.

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