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This is a great story about an entrepreneur who started a business with very little and who is on top of some of the latest trends.

Hi, my name is Galin Dinkov. I am a software developer, I’ve started several companies.
I started in the beginning of 1990-s where in Bulgaria there was a stage of huge changes after the communism fall. I started in a government owned club where kids were able to have access to computers and study programming. Those days to own a computer was not achievable to most people because the price was something like one-year salary. That’s why I needed to go there.
But there we created a community of kids. And we started by actually playing games. But we got bored pretty quickly just playing games and started creating games and learnt to program. It was very interesting in those days. Later I started to study this at the university, I mean computer science and engineering and in the meantime I already worked on few of my own projects, mostly with games.
With two of my companies, one of them is called Zariba, we created many mobile games. And some of these games were placed in top app store positions in the USA, Spain and Germany and many countries.
We started ventures in different countries to create external teams, we even created a team in the Philippines, in Cebu City with several QA guys who are testing our games and also designers very talented.
My biggest failure was that I sometimes I have trusted the wrong people and I have not managed to always keep good relations with my colleagues. And sometimes I’ve even lost friends because of my words. This is may be my biggest failure.
Recently, the Bitcoin and the blockchain became very popular. The idea behind is that it creates decentralized systems. And I work also on a project that is based on blockchain. And I believe in decentralization of everything.
All my life I wanted to create something meaningful, I have many ideas and I am constantly looking for ways to achieve that, to develop these ideas and to create products and to gain success. And I am always looking for partners, for friends that can help me.

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