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This entrepreneur talks about some of the personal attitudes that are needed for entrepreneurship.

So, I’m Frederic Joye. I’m the co-founder of Arcanys. I’m in charge of sales and marketing also.
Well, I’m 38 years and old and I’m Swiss. I’m born and raised in Switzerland. I’ve been in Asia for about 9 years now. I’ve worked before leaving Switzerland. I’ve worked in a finance industry for less than 10 years. So, insurance companies, bank companies, and then a software company which led me to a where I’m now working for software development company.
So I arrived in Cebu with my business partner in 2009, where we purchased our small business that was linked to the first venture that we had based in Hong Kong.
After we discovered Cebu, we decided to move the whole operations of our first venture to Cebu because we like the English level of the people, friendliness of the people, their skills obviously and of course the cost because it was less expensive to operate here than in Hong Kong.
And then this first business didn’t go so well anymore and after one year we decided that we needed to shift and that’s when we saw different opportunities and decided to create Arcanys.
The first one is always to put your ego on the side because it’s not always about you. It’s about what you do, so which means that you also have to believe in yourself, in your capabilities and those come with always being curious, reading as much as you can and trying out new things whenever you have new opportunities.
You have to seize opportunities when you see them and always trying to be curious on further that what you just see in front of your eyes like questioning on what you can do and how you can solve problems that you face every day, and I think it’s also about not giving up easily and trying to try harder and harder.

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