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An incubator enables multiple entrepreneurs and this story explains how this Bulgarian incubator came into being.

My name is Nikolai, I am 25 years old and I am part of Innovator for more than one year now. I used to live in the UK.
I used to be part of Royal Bank of Scotland Group but I decided to come back to Bulgaria in May, May last year.
I graduated media communications and now I am part of Innovator, which is a very exciting start-up.
You skipped the part to tell the people that I made you come back to Bulgaria but that’s OK.
So my name is Marten and I am graduate of Sofia University and I studied here in Mathematical High School in the fields of mathematics and computer sciences.
Actually, my background is quite diverse, I have experience in sales, marketing, technology background as well. The main focus of my belief that we had to start this project is that I am a keen enthusiast of innovation, of technology.
I wanted to create a place where people can collaborate, can talk with each other, can work together and to make their inspirations, their hobbies and their desire to create something new, more productive and to create something with very big value.
So today our company is quite on the right path I think but a couple of months before we had some challenges.
So may be the biggest challenge was the uncertainty and the timing of the whole process of getting the idea funded.
You cannot buy creativity but if you are creative, you can actually find money. Yeah, so you have to be creative.
We are headed at a very big and brave goal. The idea here is to create a community, a common place where people can gather.
So our business is not only with the goal of making create money but also with some idealistic goals and Nikolai can tell more about that.
Yes, shall we talk about our driving force in business? Yeah, you are the person who came back to Bulgaria with a mission so tell us more about this.
Yes, actually my personal driving force is building like a community here in Varna. Not only a community but building an environment for people who want to be successful in Varna. That’s my driving force.
Come and make business in Varna.

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