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  1. Short animated video about designing services: Service design – what works?
  2. How to use an Experiment Board: Experiment Board Tutorial with Grace Ng
  3. Test your startup idea with the validation board: How to Use the Validation Board to Test Your Startup Idea
  4. The story of what Grace learned from her failed startup: Grace Ng: Lean Startup Case Study
  5. Empathy mapping: Empathy map template
  6. Suggested reading: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development: A cheat sheet to The Four Steps to the Epiphany. Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits (2010). 
  7. Suggested reading: The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More. Hachette Books. Chris Anderson (2006). 

*The above materials and content are suggested but not required for completing the course.*