Full name in the national language Saint Louis University
Acronym SLU
Website www.slu.edu.ph
Project institutional coordinator Rev. Fr. Gilbert B. Sales, CICM

Dr Richel L. Lamadrid

E-mail president@slu.edu.ph; rllamadrid@slu.edu.ph
Telephone +6374-444-8246 to 48

Saint Louis University (SLU) is a Catholic private university in Baguio City and a leading higher education institution (HEI) in the Philippines. SLU is one of the few universities in the Philippines that are at least one hundred years old. Founded in 1911 by the Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariae (CICM) missionaries from Belgium, SLU has since evolved into an important HEI by the CICM-Philippines and has become its important instrument of educational mission in the country. From a small mission school in 1911, Saint Louis became a college in 1952 and was granted university status in 1963. It adopted for its school motto “Sapientia aedificat” (“Wisdom builds”) to affirm the enormous potential of education in improving people’s lives and in transforming society into a better place for everyone.

Today, SLU enjoys the distinction of full autonomous status granted by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), in recognition of its overall quality of education. SLU as an institute of higher learning has a proven record of excellence in instruction, research, and extension, respectively, as well as in the area of quality of school management. It also has drawn attention worldwide for its cultural and artistic talents, with award-winning performances here and abroad. A highlight in recent years was the recently concluded SLU’s 10-year (1999-2009) partnership with select universities in Belgium aimed at ensuring the innovative development of the teaching and research capabilities of SLU.

The BEEHIVE project is under the School of Accountancy and Business Management offering degree courses in Accountancy, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship and Hospitality and Tourism Management. Recognized as a Center of Development in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration, the school ensures its students’ success in the spirited business arena by matching its programs and courses with the current developments in the field.



Dr. Jose Maria A. Pangilinan is the VP for Academic Affairs and is responsible for matters related to academic excellence, research, and extension. He was the overall coordinator of the Inter-University Cooperation (IUC) program with the Belgian government in 2001-2003 that initiated capacity building, QA systems and internationalization projects for SLU. He obtained a Doctor of Science degree at Hasselt University in Belgium in 2009 as a beneficiary of the IUC program and since then has published research papers in multi-objective optimization and evolutionary algorithms.


Dr. Roberto M. Arguelles is the Assistant Vice President for Institutional Development and Quality Assurance of SLU and was a Visiting Professor at the Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He completed the Applied Research (University of Ghent), and Small Enterprise Development Program (Catholic University of Leuven), Belgium. He has published presented research papers in Thailand, India, Indonesia and   Philippines. He worked as Deputy Team Leader of Socio Economics Project under the Inter-University Cooperation (IUC) program with the Belgian government from 2003 to 2008. His work included accounting and management reporting, as well as project implementation and monitoring. He is a national assessor for the Institutional Sustainability Assessment (ISA) and accreditor of the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities.



Dr. Richel L. Lamadrid has obtained her Doctor of Applied Economic Sciences at Ghent University, Belgium. She presented and published papers as: 1) Rethinking Corporate Social Responsibility Within the Sustainability Agenda: Issues and Challenges for Asian-Based Companies- Journal of Global Responsibility, Vol. 5, Issue 2 2) Rewiring Business Firms through an Entrepreneurial-Oriented Strategy Making 3) Entrepreneurial-Oriented Strategy Making Gestalts and 4) Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship 2004-2012 editions as book contributor/ writer.  She is likewise the promoter of a 3-yr (2014-2017) interuniversity cooperation research project (on entrepreneurship and performance) with a local university and Ghent University


Prof. April M. Gumnad is currently the Associate Dean for Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, and Hospitality and Tourism Management. She is the Product and Business Plan Coach of a nationwide competition of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce, Best Business Idea and Development Award, since 2013 and was able to bag three (3) Championship Award for Technology Product. She has been the business coach of 32 business startups in the Enterprise Development Course since 2011. She was also a co-author of the books, Entrepreneurship Principles and Dynamics First and Second Edition and Principles of Management. Further, she serves the SLU undergraduate and graduate programs as professor, facilitator and research promoter.