SLU BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme 2019

Selected Student Start-up Ideas and Business Endeavors 

Atlergo Systems summary

 Atlergo Systems presentation

Bambottle summary

Bambottle presentation

CEBlock summary

CEBlock presentation

Cordillera Logistics summary

 Cordillera Logistics presentation

E-Bee summary

 E-Bee presentation

K-foods summary

K-foods presentation

Moma Cew summary

Moma Cew presentation

Seis-joints summary

 Seis-joints presentation

Qantina summary

 Qantina presentation

Qrent summary

Qrent presentation

WaterMesh summary

 WaterMesh presentation

Institutional Demo Day at SLU, 7th May 2019

Agenda, Invitation, Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4

BEEHIVE Mentoring and Coaching Activities at SLU

Start-up Talks (BEEHIVE Accelerator Cohort Programme), 4th May 2019

BOOT Camp for Accelerator Start-ups, 1st April 2019: AgendaElements of a Pitch Deck presentation by Fran Moredo

One-Day Boot Camp for Mentors and Coaches of BEEHIVE Accelerator Program at SIRIB Center, SLU, 21st February 2019Agenda, IdeaSpace Foundation Experience Video Ms. Diane Angela D. Eustaquio and IdeaSpace Foundation Sample Cases of Student Teams Video by Ms. Brenda Valerio

BEEHIVE Networking Events at SLU

Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Seminar 2, 11th November 2018: Agenda and Objectives, IdeaSpace Accelerator Programmes 101 presentation, Brochure, Flyer, Poster 

Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Seminar 1, 10th November 2018: Agenda and ObjectivesBuilding an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem presentation by Diane Esquito, Executive Director of IdeaSpace Foundation and Goldy Yancha, Assoc. Director of Business Development and Partnership, IdeaSpace Foundation, MOOC Registration Process presentation

BEEHIVE Accelerator on SLU Organizational Chart

BEEHIVE Accelerator BMC 2020 – 2024 at SLU

BEEHIVE Accelerator Roadmap 2019 at SLU