Online Logbooks

  1. Klemm.ID @ UI: a testimonial from a company founder

    Meet Eghar Anugrapaksi from UI, a founder of Klemm.ID through this video message and read his BEEHIVE testimonial here.    

  2. Stork @ Mapua: “BEEHIVE taught us that you have to face criticism on your product”

    Watch this video message from Lourvin from Stork supported through the piloting BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme at Mapua University. More information about the BEEHIVE Accelerator’s process and progress experienced by the three Stork team members from Mapua could be found here.

  3. R’s EARN @ UC: lessons learnt during the BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme

    In this video, Rhea Shane Chiong, UC student and co-founder of R’s EARN business start-up is sharing her experience as a new entrepreneur receiving support from the piloting BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme at UC. More information about R’s EARN and its progress in the BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme could be found here.

  4. Marane Co @ UC: “You can always find solutions”

    Get to know Brial Mark Alcorin, one of Marane Co. co-founders through his testimonial video. More information about Marane Co and its progress in the BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme could be found here.

  5. Atlergo Systems @ SLU presenting their business concept

    Watch here the Atlergo Systems team’s video from the SLU BEEHIVE Demo Day. Click here to check their BEEHIVE Accelerator journal and learn how they ending up graduating successfully from the SLU’s piloting BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme.  

  6. At-Your-Service @ Mapua: snapshot of what’s going on and coming up in BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme

    Watch this video message of Weng and Almar, co-founders of At-Your-Service and learn more about their mobile application developed in the framework of the BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme here.

  7. Aqualite @ Mapua: looking back at BEEHIVE as a huge door of opportunity

    Watch this video to e-meet Team Aqualite and learn about the benefits the BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme has brought to them. More information about the Aqualite start-up project and its milestones along the BEEHIVE journey could be found here.

  8. ABANG++ @ UC: “Give yourself a lot of time to cultivate whatever you want”

    Watch this video with Vanessa Tan, co-founder of ABANG++ and a participant in the BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme who reflects on her experience and is convinced that Filipinos can be entrepreneurs too. More information about ABANG++ and its progress in the BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme could be found here.

  9. E-Sinsilyo @ UC: “Be brave to step out of our comfort zone”

    “BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme is a stepping stone for future career”. Learn about the start of the entrepreneurial journey of Rose Janine Pasumala, co-founder of E-Sinsilyo shared in this reflection video. More information about E-Sinsilyo and its progress in the BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme could be found here.

  10. Fluorescent Booster @ UC: “Keep a mindset that you can do it”

    “The BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme changed the way how I view the business industry.” Watch this video message of AJ Shane Manapsal, chief product officer at Flourescent Booster and learn about his experience in the project. More information about Flourescent Booster and its progress in the BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme could be found here.