Full name in the national language Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi
Acronym USGM
Website www.unimarconi.it
Project institutional coordinator Mr. Arturo Lavalle
E-mail a.lavalle@unimarconi.it
Telephone +39-0637725


USGM is the first Italian Open University recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (March ’04). Within the information society, the Open model represents a driving force for Higher Education, Lifelong Learning and Digital Fluency. Benefiting from over 15.000 students enrolled, it offers Bachelors and Master degrees in all main subjects. Core aim of University is the promotion of research, education and transnational cooperation focusing on enhancing the quality of European Higher Education, intercultural dialogue and exchange.

USGM has a great experience in promoting and developing breaking learning methodologies such as Virtual C@mpus Platform, Mobile, e-Book and Web TV/Marconi Channel offering thematic channels, play lists and high quality streamed audio and videos. It offers distance degrees in all main fields encouraging innovation, accessibility and breaking through publications of its academic staff. As a member of GUIDE Association of Global Universities in Distance Education (over 160 EU and Third Countries members); such as FORMAMENTE, International Academic Journal of GUIDE focused on innovative learning approaches and technologies and DIGITAL UNIVERSITIES. As International Projects Office joined several transnational projects. Deeply involved in transnational projects with Third Countries it was a leading partner of STRATEGICOM: Establishing a university communication structure (TEMPUS IV); involved in ALFA project: “UE-AIESAD: Postgrados y Doctorados a Distancia en Educación” and “RUEDA Evaluación de los Programas de Educación a Distancia” both with Latin America; coordinated the OportUnidad project exploring the adoption of strategies and channels that embrace the principles of openness and reusability within the context of educational institutions. It intended to foster the adoption and pilot of Open Educational Practices, and OER in Latin America as a bottom-up approach to develop a common Higher Education Area.

Guglielmo Marconi University is strictly committed to strengthen entrepreneurial skills and opportunities for students. It has recently launched a cycle of thematic lessons on Industry 4.0 to innovate and to integrate the current course studies in order to provide students with transversal competencies required by Industry 4.0. In this way, the University will build up a more qualified workforce able to compete successfully in national and international environments. USGM strategic vision is therefore to reinforce students’ creativity, synergy between University and companies and then contribute to build up smart student and smart worker.