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We‘ve now reached the end of this MOOC. I hope you feel informed and inspired.
As we‘ve learned Entrepreneurship is a juggling act.
We have the idea – something that is both novel and valuable and on which you will base your new venture.
Meaning – something you wrap around your idea to create symbolic value or an experience
The customer – the crucial element of entrepreneurship; the people or businesses that will buy your product or service
Social responsibility – what your business contributes to society
The plan – your overall plan for how to make money from your idea
The team – the people you go into business with
The money – the fuel that gets your venture off the ground
And the risk – the ever-present companion of entrepreneurship
And don‘t forget, all of these CAN and WILL change. You should never expect them to stay still.
A final caveat. There are no absolute rights and wrongs in entrepreneurship. The only thing that matters is what works and what doesn‘t. And the only way to find out is to get out there and get your hands dirty.
Whatever you decide to do with whatever you have learned in this MOOC, I wish you good fortune.

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