Mapua University, Manila, Philippines

9-12 September 2019


Final Meeting Souvenir Programme

Expectations on the Pitch: IdeaSpace

Pitch Your Business: UI

Pitch Bootcamp: BEEHIVE Pitching Guidelines

Pitch Bootcamp: The Great Pitching Checklist

Pitch Bootcamp: Pitch Evaluation Sheet

Pitch Bootcamp: The Pitch Canvas

Visit to QBO Philippines

Top 5 Mistakes Young Founders Should Avoid

Student International Pitch Event Pre-Selection for Participation in the International Pitch Event (11th September 2019), 10th September 2019

Bakso Sang Juara presentation, BINUS University

Booka presentation, BINUS University

Emity presentation, BINUS University

GEOBAK presentation, BINUS University

Granine presentation, BINUS University

Jennifer Wallet presentation, BINUS University

KERJA-BOS presentation, BINUS University

Nadia Sigir Creative presentation, BINUS University

Oidak presentation, BINUS University

Print Me App presentation, BINUS University

A1 Beast Powerbank presentation, Mapua University

Aqualite presentation, Mapua University

At Your Service App presentation, Mapua University

Automated Smart Clotheline presentation, Mapua University

Beauty Squa Clay Mask presentation, Mapua University

Dilat_Automated Pupillometer presentation, Mapua University

File Pal presentation, Mapua University

Moderno Smart Wifi Plug presentation, Mapua University

Stork presentation, Mapua University

ZpritZ presentation, Mapua University

Atlergo Systems presentation, Saint Louis University

Bambottle presentation, Saint Louis University

CEBlock presentation, Saint Louis University

Cordillera Logistics presentation, Saint Louis University

E-Bee presentation, Saint Louis University

K-foods presentation, Saint Louis University

Moma Cew presentation, Saint Louis University

Seis-joints presentation, Saint Louis University

Qantina presentation, Saint Louis University

Qrent presentation, Saint Louis University

Watermesh presentation, Saint Louis University

Abang++presentation, University of Cebu

E-Sinsilyo presentation, University of Cebu

Fluorescent Booster presentation, University of Cebu

Geosite presentation, University of Cebu

Golden Drop presentation, University of Cebu

Mangjuam presentation, University of Cebu

Marane Co presentation, University of Cebu

Powlet presentation, University of Cebu

R’s EARN presentation, University of Cebu

SugoPH presentation, University of Cebu presentation, University of Indonesia presentation, University of Indonesia

FK TanpaBatas presentation, University of Indonesia

Gotongroyong.In presentation, University of Indonesia

Jagad.Go presentation, University of Indonesia

Klemm presentation, University of Indonesia

Libro presentation, University of Indonesia

Oshare Shoes presentation, University of Indonesia

Protoss presentation, University of Indonesia

Sakubi Tax presentation, University of Indonesia

Storia Karacitra presentation, University of Indonesia

Talis presentation, University of Indonesia