Mapua University, Manila, Philippines

9-12 September 2019

The BEEHIVE final partner meeting took part in Manila and was attended by 35 project staff members and 69 students representing the 53 start-up teams, which took part in the piloting BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme. The four-day partner meeting agenda included inter alia a preparation training and a pitch boot camp on 9 September, cluster pitches and rehearsal conducted at institutional level on 10 September and the International Pitch Event infront of 42 external stakeholders such as business investors, business angels, business partners and representatives of business accelerators outside the BEEHIVE project. The International Pitch Event took part on 11 September and was also joined by Ms Thelma Gecolea from the EU Delegation to the Philippines who gave an inspiring speech on the BEEHIVE project’s role in building entrepreneurial ecosystems across the Philippine universities involved. She also outlined the importance of the Erasmus+ programme in the processes of modernizing the Philippine higher education sector and in bringing the EU and the ASEAN countries and higher education institutions closer.

BEEHIVE Final Meeting Souvenir Programme

BEEHIVE Final Meeting Agenda

9 September 2019, International Pitch Event

Preparations and Pitch Boot Camp

Expectations on the Pitch: IdeaSpace

Pitch Your Business: UI

Pitch Bootcamp: BEEHIVE Pitching Guidelines

Pitch Bootcamp: The Great Pitching Checklist

Pitch Bootcamp: Pitch Evaluation Sheet

Pitch Bootcamp: The Pitch Canvas

Visit to QBO Philippines

Top 5 Mistakes Young Founders Should Avoid

10 September 2019, Student International Pitch Event

Cluster Pitches: Rehearsal and Pre-selection for Participation in the International Pitch Event on 11 September 2019

University of Indonesia, Indonesia presentationFKtanpabatas presentationJagad presentationKlemm.ID presentationLibro presentationOshare  presentationProtoss presentationSakubi Tax presentationStoria Karacitra presentation

BINUS University, Indonesia

Bakso Sang Juara presentationBooka presentation, Emity presentationGeobak presentationGranine presentationJennifer Wallet presentationKerja Bos presentationNadia Sigit Creative presentationOi-Dakk Indonesia presentationPrint Me App presentation

Mapua University, Philippines

A1 Beast Powerbank presentationAquaLite presentationAt Your Service Mobile App presentationAutomated Smart Clotheline presentationBeauty Squa Clay Mask presentationDilat presentation, File Pal presentationModerno Inc. presentationStork Medical App presentationZpritZ Hair & Blouse Odor Buster presentation

Saint Louis University, Philippines

Atlergo Systems presentation, , Bambottle presentationCEBlock presentationCordillera Logistics presentationE-Bee presentationK-foods presentationMoma Cew presentationSeisjoints presentationQantina presentationQrent presentationWaterMesh presentation

University of Cebu, Philippines

Abang++presentation, , E-Sinsilyo presentationFluorescent Booster presentationGeosite presentationGolden Drop presentationMangjuam presentation, Marane Godness Cup presentationPowlet presentationR’s-Earn presentationSugo presentation

11 September 2019, BEEHIVE International Pitch Event

Information and evidence from the BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme’s culminating event could be found here.

12 September 2019, Project Day

Final Report: Technical Implementation

Final Report: Financial Reporting

Project Internal Quality Control