BINUS BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme 2019

Selected Student Start-up Ideas and Business Endeavors 

Bakso Sang Juara summary

Bakso Sang Juara presentation

Booka summary

Booka presentation

Emity summary

Emity presentation

Geobak summary

Geobak presentation

Granine summary

Granine presentation

Jennifer Wallet summary

Jennifer Wallet presentation

Kerjabos summary

Kerjabos presentation

Nadia Sigir Creative summary

Nadia Sigir Creative presentation

Oi-Dakk Indonesia summary

Oi-Dakk Indonesia presentation

Print Me App summary

Print Me App presentation

Institutional Demo Days at BINUS

Institutional BEEHIVE Demo Day 2, 3rd September 2019: Agenda

Institutional BEEHIVE Demo Day 1, 20th August 2019: Agenda, Video

BEEHIVE Mentoring and Coaching Activities at BINUS

BEEHIVE Socialization Event, 6th September 2019

BEEHIVE Socialization Event, 26th August 2019

BINUS Incubator Expert Series, 31st July 2019BINUS Incubator Expert Series

BEEHIVE Accelerator Training, 25th July 2019: 10 Start-ups 10 Personalities by Agung Hari Sasongko and Glory Aguzman

BEEHIVE Networking Events at BINUS

BEEHIVE Socialization Event @ BINUS Festival, 10th – 13th May 2019

BEEHIVE Accelerator on BINUS Organizational Chart

BEEHIVE Accelerator BMC 2020 – 2024 at BINUS

BEEHIVE Accelerator Roadmap 2019 at BINUS