The BEEHIVE Labelization Procedure Guidelines were prepared in the framework of Work Package 6 of the BEEHIVE project. The BEEHIVE Label was created with the aim to empower higher education institutions in Indonesia and the Philippines to transform gradually into entrepreneurial universities by obtaining a specific quality label certifying the excellence and efficiency of their university entrepreneurial ecosystems. The BEEHIVE Label is based on the well-known certification scheme whereby the applying universities in Indonesia and the Philippine go through an external auditing procedure. The latter uses evidence of self-assessment and self-reflection collated and collected from the targeted universities.

The BEEHIVE Labelization Procedure Guidelines and the BEEHIVE Label tool were initially presented to academic audiences in Indonesia outside the BEEHIVE consortium as well as to higher education practitioners and policy makers in the framework of the BEEHIVE Label Conference. The latter was hosted by BINUS University in Jakarta, Indonesia and took place on 10th April 2019. The first publicly open BEEHIVE event was live streamed and could be followed online by relevant target users in the Philippines too. More details on the BEEHIVE Label Conference could be found here.

BEEHIVE Label documents for download:

Labelization Procedure Guidelines

Application Form

Diagnostic Grid

Assessment Form

Certificate Template