The BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme promotes and provides skills acquisition training and up-to-date technical knowledge on entrepreneurial education at the five Partner Country universities involved in the BEEHIVE project. The BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme guides and assists the students and graduates in coming up and expanding suitable innovative business ventures. Finally, the BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme aims to encourage students and graduates to acquire skills and mindset in coming up with entrepreneurial initiatives.

The BEEHIVE Accelerator Operations Manual also known as the BEEHIVE Cohort Programme Bylaws was developed in the framework of Work Package 4 in the project. It aims to build sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems through the embedding and advancing of start-up accelerator cohort programmes at the five Partner Country universities involved. The document helps orient and guide all stakeholders on the policies and procedures applicable in the BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme. The latter is the project phase when the start-up of students’ business venture operation initiatives begins. The operation starts from putting ideas into visible and/or tangible things from which the facilitation of all legal and proprietary documents start. The actual implementation of the BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme across the five South-East Asian universities involved seeks to turn the trainees’ ideas into solid business foundations, and to subsequently grow and scale-up to business.

BEEHIVE Accelerator Operations Manual

BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme in a Nutshell

BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme 2019: Selected and Supported Student Start-Ups Ideas and Businesses

BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme 2019: Student Start-Ups Stats