WestBIC Innovation and Management Center, Galway, Ireland

2-5 October 2018


5th Partner Meeting Agenda

BEEHIVE Recent Developments Overview: VUM

Quality Control vs Quality Assurance: Savena Borisova

Educating the next Generation of Entrepreneurs_Savena Borisova

Use of LOs for Quality Control in Entrepreneurship Education_Savena Borisova

Project Management Panel: VUM

MOOC Statistics: RU, MOOC Outcomes: RU

BEEHIVE Accelerator: Mapua

BEEHIVE Label Introduction: VUM, BEEHIVE Label: USGM


Dissemination and Promotion: UI, Dissemination and Promotion: BINUS, Dissemination and Promotion: Mapua

Dissemination and Exploitation: UC, Dissemination and Promotion: SLU

Research and Innovation: NUIG, TechInnovate: NUIG, STARTED Project

BINUS to Host the 6th Meeting_BINUS