Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines

17-20 April 2018

During the first meeting day, the project partners attending the 4th BEEHIVE meeting met with Mr Mattias Lentz, Head of Political, Press and Information Section at the EU Delegtation to the Philippines. In his speech, Mr Lentz outlined the importance of deepening the links and collaboration between European and Philippine universities as a way for improving the intercultural dialogue and enhancing the people-to-people approach and cooperation between the EU and the ASEAN countries. Furthermore, he stressed the instrumental role the Erasmus+ programme for ICM and CBHE as well as projects like BEEHIVE play for improving the capacities of HEIs in the Philippines. The 4th partner meeting agenda included a three-day staff training aimed at building skills and techniques for mentoring and coaching to PC HEIs staff members to act later as mentors in the BEEHIVE Accelerator Programme. In total, 37 project partners took part in the meeting and 29 staff members from the 5 PC HEIs in BEEHIVE were trained.

4th Partner Meeting Agenda

BEEHIVE Updates and Recent Development. Project Progress Report: VUM

BEEHIVE Dissemination and Exploitation: VUM

BEEHIVE Exploitation Planning

BEEHIVE Dissemination and Exploitation Initiatives: UC

BEEHIVE Grant Management and Financial Reporting: VUM

Quality Assurance: UTH

Startup Business Planning. Project Validation: WestBIC

BEEHIVE Pitch Deck: WestBIC

ABseeCo Pitch Task: WestBIC

Mentoring and Coaching: Experience from UTH Entrepreneurship Programme: UTH

Mentoring and Coaching Activities: UTH

Mentoring and Coaching Entrepreneurial Teams: UTH

Finance Template Beehive Case Study: WestBIC

Beehive Co. Finance Case Study: WestBIC

Fostering a Technopreneurial Ecosystem: IdeaSpace

Setting up Your Accelerator: IdeaSpace

4th Partner Meeting Minutes