Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines

17-20 April 2018

4th Partner Meeting Agenda

4th Partner Meeting Minutes

List of Participants

BEEHIVE Updates and Recent Development. Project Progress Report: VUM

Startup Business Planning. Project Validation: WestBIC

BEEHIVE Pitch Deck: WestBIC

ABseeCo Pitch Task: WestBIC

Mentoring and Coaching: Experience from UTH Entrepreneurship Programme: UTH

Mentoring and Coaching Activities: UTH

Mentoring and Coaching Entrepreneurial Teams: UTH

Finance Template Beehive Case Study: WestBIC

Beehive Co. Finance Case Study: WestBIC

BEEHIVE Grant Management and Financial Reporting: VUM

BEEHIVE Dissemination and Exploitation Initiatives: UC

BEEHIVE Exploitation Planning: UC

Fostering a Technopreneurial Ecosystem: IdeaSpace

Setting up Your Accelerator: IdeaSpace

Quality Assurance: UTH

BEEHIVE Dissemination and Exploitation: VUM

BEEHIVE Dissemination and Exploitation Initiatives. UC Good Practices: UC

Project Exploitation Planning