Check-out this video and meet Nisa Ismundari Wildan, one of the Sakubi Tax start-up team members at UI. Read below a message from the Sakubi Tax team on how joining the BEEHIVE project was beneficial to them:

“Prior to getting the BEEHIVE material, the Business Model approach used by Sakubi Tax was Business Model Canvas that emphasized the supply side. However, after getting the BEEHIVE support, we utilized the Lean Model Canvas which emphasizes the identification of real problems from the customer segment. In this case, the customer segment of Sakubi Tax is more focused on solving taxation problems experienced by the Regional Government or ‘demand side’. In addition, before getting BEEHIVE support, Sakubi Tax is very focused on product development without validation, then after getting BEEHIVE support, Sakubi Tax is now emphasizing the importance of conducting product validation processes to customers. In marketing and selling materials, business pioneers are taught to emphasize the values aspects of the business they will start. In this case, the values that Sakubi Tax brings are for the creation of good corporate governance in local governments. Last but not least is the technique of pitching, which is how we can convince potential customers of our business in a short time or also known as elevator pitch.”

Arie Widodo. Dendi Rohandy, Nisa Ismundari Wildan, Wahyu Nofiantoro from Sakubi Tax